CMPB Beams Up to Brittlelactica

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CMPB "Planet In Need"
The cow is on the other foot, now that the California Milk Processors Board and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners have unveiled the second wave of the latest "Got Milk?" campaign. transports visitors to Brittlelactica, the home planet of the alien race behind the rash of cow abductions on Earth. As the latest TV spots reveal, the Brittlelacticans highly covet the white wonder tonic produced by Da Iry, a cow they mistakenly believe is the supreme ruler of our planet. The sleek, video-heavy site explores the culture of Brittlelactica in magnificent detail, from the history of nations like Insomniastan and Cavitopia (whose citizens are afflicted by ailments that only the white wonder tonic can cure) to the mission archives of the Earth expedition tasked with obtaining the Supreme One's magical elixir. A visit to one of Brittlelactica's moons also reveals the Da Iry Translator, which allows earthlings to type questions to the Great One and receive its words of bovine wisdom.
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