Colorado's STEPP Chooses to Visit C-Ville

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Colorado STEPP
Colorado STEPP "Own Your C"
Anti-smoking seems to be the message of the week. Today, it's the Colorado State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership, Denver-based agency Cactus and Fort Lauderdale-based interactive firm AgencyNet welcoming teens to the virtual town of C-Ville, where the power to Own Your C (i.e. Choice) is the birthright of all. Populated by bizarre characters (both animated and live action), the surrealistic animated cityscape invokes the mixture of confusion and delight most often ascribed to unusually benevolent nightmares. Tourists in C-Ville can choose between horror and romance for the site's mood music, explore the various anti-tobacco games and resources embedded throughout the loony locales, or discover the quirky PSA campaign crafted by Biscuit and Final Cut that emphasizes the spoof and consequence of every teen choice.
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