Diamond Trading Corp. Teaches Men the Language of Love

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Diamond Trading Corporation
Diamond Trading Corporation "Speak Love Fluently"
When it comes to women, most men are clueless. When it comes to diamonds, most men are even worse than clueless. For both reasons, RMG Connect's latest online effort for Diamond Trading Corporation's "A Diamond is Forever" campaign is an early—and much-needed—holiday gift. Designed around an interactive map motif, the new website teaches men how to "Speak Love Fluently" and express their true feelings to their significant others through a translation guide (i.e. what each individual piece of diamond jewelry says so you don't have to); a "how-to" diamond-buying checklist; and the "Find Your Words with Diamonds Sweepstakes," a crossword puzzle game that nets some rather shiny and expensive prizes for the word-savvy winners.
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