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Microsoft - 'Surface'
Microsoft - 'Surface'
Fresh off the one-two product punch of Visual Studio and Forefront, Microsoft returned with a project of an even more ambitious scope with the launch of Surface, which the tech giant claims to be the world's first table-top computer. Six years in the making, Surface was initially conceived as an interactive gaming table of sorts, eventually evolving from approximately 85 prototypes into the final product: a 30-inch horizontal display table with a translucent surface that can be manipulated via hand motions, gestures and the touch of objects.

Of course, seeing it is better than reading about it in this case. Therefore, Microsoft enlisted Avenue A | Razorfish (now part of the MS family) along with Limbo Films to create an experiential video campaign that shows the Surface at work. The official Surface site, which includes a Flash-y historical timeline of the product, features nifty 3D work to showcase the campaign's video reel that describes the product's current functionalities as well as possibilities.

While the flat screen currently allows for consumers to interact and control digital content with finger points and a flick of the wrist, Microsoft claims its surface computing technology will eventually engage file transfers just by setting cameras and mobiles on the table, allowing for instant access of content including pics, music, email and contacts. Even bank cards will be put to good use with the promise that Surface will also play cashier.

While the aspirations are lofty, one shouldn't discount Bill Gates and company when it comes to determination or ingenuity. The video campaign, which is also streaming on YouTube and will be rolling out with larger media buys, does an adequate job of highlighting a product that may very well light a fire under both Steve Jobs and the Google gang.
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