Emerald Mixes Nuts and Words Online

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Emerald "Welcome to Emerald Nuts"
Emerald Nuts is taking its love of mnemonic wordplay to a whole 'nother level. Starting with a new spot debuting during the Super Bowl, the quirky purveyor of all things nuts rolls out a new wave of ads that assign a random selection of seemingly unrelated words to each letter in the phrase "Emerald Nuts," resulting in such rambling non-sequiturs as "Eccentric Matadors Exercising Religiously And Littering Do Not Use The Steamroller." Can't wait for the Big Game to get in on the wordy fun? The addictive Emerald Nuts website is chock full of fun features, including the "Make Your Own Emerald Nuts Line Contest," a gallery of previous TV spots, a silly flash game, a fictional timeline of the company's history and animated versions of a few lines that won't be found on the tube.
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