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Wexley School for Girls - 'Wexley is Sexley'
Wexley School for Girls - 'Wexley is Sexley'
Seattle's Wexley School for Girls is extending the reach of its wacky tentacles and jumping into the T-shirt market. At the Wexley Wear site you can pick up a bonafide agency-endorsed T-shirt with the company logo and zoom around in a time machine taking peeks at history, School for Girls style. "We get requests for shirts all the time. They're probably more popular than we are, actually," says agency co-founder Cal McAllister. "The real reason we're doing it is to develop Wexley as a brand. That's always been our goal. It's not about people buying our swag, we've been in a couple boutique stores in Brooklyn (like Watts on Smith) and here in Seattle for about two years and they're selling out." Besides useful information on space and time travel on the Bi-Lateral Organisms of Gloms (B.L.O.G.) and flash videos capturing various moments in history, the site has five styles of T-shirt and one baby wrapper for sale for $28, which includes shipping. McAllister says the agency is working with artists and musicians to create designs beyond the agency logo.
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