GE, AtmosphereBBDO Add Collaboration to Imagination

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"Good ideas start with a sketch," according to the latest interactive campaign from General Electric. But "great ideas are created together." Collaboration is the idea behind the company's followup to its successful "Pen" campaign from 2003, which allowed users to create and share drawings online and earned AtmosphereBBDO a Gold Pencil and a Silver Lion. This year's campaign, "Imagination Cubed," takes things a step further.

"We knew we had the option of building on the equity of the last campaign or doing something completely different," says AtmosphereBBDO creative director Arturo Aranda. "Then we realized we could do both."

The new tool, which recently launched at allows users to invite up to two friends to collaborate with them on the same drawing in real-time. "Superficially it feels very familiar, but conceptually it's very different," Aranda says. "The first campaign was all about coming up with an idea and then sharing it with friends. This one is all about empowering people to work together, to put people on the same page. The whole idea was to leverage the idea of collaboration."

The tool is currently being promoted with banner ads, although the project is still in beta. Aranda says the tool will continue to evolve in the coming months.

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