Goulet Escapes to Croon Another Day

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Emerald Nuts - 'Goulet's Snooze Bar'
Emerald Nuts - 'Goulet's Snooze Bar'
Robert Goulet is fighting back against Emerald Nuts' natural energy. Last seen in one of this year's better Super Bowl spots, in which Goulet wreaks havoc inside the office when drones get drowsy, he's back with the Snooze Bar, guaranteed to put office workers to sleep so he can continue his cubicle carousing. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners art director Will Hammond and copywriter Chris Beresford-Hill worked along with art director John Nussbaum to create the site, which involved Nussbaum cajoling Goulet into recording a five song EP in addition to numerous sound bites for the site. Below, Beresford-Hill owns up to his personal interest in the project and being part of Robert Goulet's newfound glory.

Why Robert Goulet?
I've kind of always been a little bit obsessed with him. Once the Will Ferrell impression came out, I went on his website, and he puts all his Christmas cards on the website, and if you go on YouTube you can see a clip of this pilot TV show that he did and it's horrible, but he's such a character and he's so intriguing and his name sounds so funny and he's a little bit mischievous looking, and he was so awesome in the Naked Gun, when he played Quentin Hapsburg, in the Naked Gun 2
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