Honda Element Picks Up More Friends

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Honda "Element and Friends"
Places to go, animals to see—and now the newest Honda Element is getting more of both. As part of the latest wave in agency RPA's popular "Element and Friends" campaign, the virtual island that serves as the online home of the talking animals from the quirky TV spots has been expanded to include an underground cityscape. While controlling the new Element SC, visitors navigate the concrete environment and encounter a new cast of critters, including a rat, a mole, a hamster, a pigeon, a roach and a dog. Each encounter is accompanied by an audio exchange taken from the corresponding TV spot, as well as an interactive game based on the particular trait shared by car and critter. Of course, those nostalgic for familiar faces like Gil the "I Pinch" Crab can tool around the island's surface environment in the Element EX, discovering old friends with new games along the way.
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