Ikea Steps Into the Closet

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Ikea "Kom In I Garderoben"
Having already taken Ikea shoppers for a spin around their dream kitchens, the Swedish furniture giant is throwing open the doors to their idyllic closets. Agency Forsman & Bodenfors has followed up its award-winning "Dream Kitchens For Everyone" website (which won a Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes, among others) with a new Swedish-language site that invites visitors to "kom in i garderoben" (literally, "come into the closet") by exploring one of five uniquely furnished floors, each featuring a rather spacious closet area filled from floor to ceiling with Ikea products and accessories. "Much like kitchens, closets are home spaces that generally aren't connected to aesthetics," says web director Mathias Appelblad. "We wanted to change that and make people treat closets like any other part of their home by showing the wide range of possibilities and styles Ikea can offer." In place of the 360
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