The Images of Immigration

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The Border Film Project
The Border Film Project
Continuing on the theme of photo-based promotions, we steer our focus to a more humanistic web initiative that aims to shed light one of our country's most heated issues: immigration. With what's dubbed the "Border Film Project," three individuals, including Weiden + Kennedy 12 grad Rudy Adler, sought to convey perspectives from both sides of the literal fence by handing out 73 disposable cameras to undocumented migrants and the Minutemen guards trying to prevent them from crossing our borders.

With the project recently wrapped, the resulting site catalogs some of the nearly 2,000 total photos taken, along with the mission statement, statistics, and more. "I think "viral media" is kind of an annoying term, but the way this project spread was pretty amazing," claims Adler. "We reached more people on the web than we did through appearances on all of the major networks combined."

The Border project also not only comes in book form and is distributed via and American Apparel worldwide among other outlets, but the artist collective has been taking the show on the road with exhibitions of their work. While the project is considered more art than advertising, a little dash of meaningfulness never hurt the Web.
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