iPod + HP Adds Cutting Edge Design

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iPod + hp
In support of its partnership with Apple, Hewlett-Packard is running a far-reaching rich media campaign touting the new HP-branded iPod. While living up to the standard of the iPod's own advertising is a tall order, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has tackled the problem by asking cutting-edge Flash designers to interpret various genres of music. In an execution called "Rock," for example, James Paterson of Presstube creates a colorful and anarchic animation that -- like Apple's iPod pitches -- highlights the MP3-player's signature white headphone cord. So, too, do interpretations of "Hip Hop" and "Classical" by design duo We Work for Them (a.k.a. Mike Cina and Mike Young), and a take on "Jazz" by Bay-area designer Erik Natzke. Note that in order to conform to various banner ad requirements, the music for these executions is user-initiated, but it's well worth the extra click.
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