KDDI's Eye-Project proves captivating

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KDDI - 'Eye Project'
KDDI - 'Eye Project'
Yet another of prolific web designer Yugo 'Yugo P' Nakamura's creations came our way this week, and again, like his Uniqlo Explorer site, Nakamura is using a stunning mosaic. This time, for Japanese telecommunications company KDDI, users are providing the images behind the big image, be they videos from a camera phone or web cam or otherwise. The submissions become an enormous composition of a woman, and the individual tiles can be viewed as the screen zooms in on various parts of the mosaic. Currently over 51,000 make up the main theme, "Look," with the next theme slated as "Talk." Once you upload your own image or video, you can blog it—and have others' contributions create your mosaic. Here's what the default javascript you can place in your site looks like:

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