MasterCard Goes Blank

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MasterCard "Write a Priceless Ad"
Those who've always believed they had the creative chops to write their own "Priceless" spot are finally getting a chance to channel their inner copywriter. "Sailboat" and "Typewriter," the two newest additions to McCann Erickson's beloved MasterCard campaign, debuted during last weekend's Academy Awards with a twist: the customary priced items were left blank, and viewers were instructed to fill in the blanks at MasterCard's upscale lifestyle website, Directors Stephen Gaghan and Malcolm Venville were called on to craft intriguing, open-ended mini-movies—the spots did air during the Oscars, after all—that could be interpreted in an infinite number of ways. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality and relevance to the brand, and the overall winner's words will be added to the actual spot itself, which will then be re-aired later in the year. Apparently, advertising glory really can come without a price.
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