McDonald's Bites Into Shark Bait

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McDonalds "Shark Bait"
With all the newfangled burgers and sandwiches McDonald's has churned out over the years, it's easy to forget one of their old classics: the Filet-O-Fish. But thanks to Dallas-based integrated services agency Moroch, those who swim in the vast waters of the internet can wrap their teeth around a fishy reminder, in the form of the "Shark Bait" game site. Players must use their mouse to move a Filet-O-Fish sandwich around a shark-filled tank, avoiding the hungry sharks and the walls of the tank for as long as possible. Hidden codes unlock higher levels, and up-to-date rankings show off the fastest fish-pushers in the world. Plus, bilingual fish fans will appreciate the ability to translate the entire site into Spanish at the click of a button.
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