McDonald's Leads Jeers for Fantasy Fans

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McDonalds "Fantasy Fan Kit"
Fantasy football may be a solo sport, but McDonald's and Tribal DDB/Chicago are making their pitch to join your team with the Fantasy Fan Kit. The website provides fantasy aficionados with everything they need to crush their competition's hopes and dreams (thereby making it easier to crush them in the standings). The main weapon in this arsenal is a message generator starring the Jeerleaders—a trio of animated cheerleaders who perform derisive taunts in the form of cheers—and an assortment of twisted mascots that you can customize according to your own sick tastes. The kit also includes tools for creating the perfect names and logos for your fantasy teams, as well as an ever-helpful Boss Blimp that pulls up a professional-looking pie chart to mask your fantasy dealings when your supervisor looks over your shoulder.
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