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Miller Lite
Miller Lite "Man Laws"
The laws laid down by the Men of the Square Table are inviolable—but they're nowhere near complete. That's where you come in. With the launch of, the online extension of Crispin Porter + Bogusky's new TV campaign for Miller Lite, those who fancy themselves men can join Burt Reynolds, Eddie Griffin and the rest of the Square Table's manly occupants in shaping the conduct of men everywhere by posting their very own Man Laws on the web. "The TV does a great job explaining and getting people excited about the Men of the Square Table and the Unwritten Laws of Men," says Crispin interactive creative director Jeff Benjamin. "But it's on the site that visitors can participate in the campaign and evolve it."

If a new law is deemed man enough, it will join such sage rulings as "You poke it, you own it" in the great canon of approved Man Laws. "It started with a few people putting laws on paper," says Benjamin. "It became a book that was added to for hundreds of years. Now, finally, because there are too many laws to fit in a book and consumer-generating technology like wikies exist, it's being brought onto the internet so that all men can add to and refine the laws. It's about bringing the Unwritten Laws of Men to all of mankind instead of a small group, and letting all of them be a part of making and amending the laws that men should live by."

In addition to bios of the various Men of the Square Table and a gallery of the TV spots, the website also offers regional updates on the latest trends in masculinity, stock quote-style, as well as a news ticker that flashes man-centric headlines from around the country. And every element was crafted with a man's simple sensibilities in mind. "Men don't need to rely on frou frou design or fancy vector animation and technology, so it was only natural that our interface feels simple, mechanical and real," says Benjamin. "When you interact with, you feel like you're interacting with a handsome machine—not a website. Even though a lot of technology went into the building of the site, it's really invisible to the content and ideas."
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