MTV and Motorola Lose Their Heads

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MTV/Motorola "Head & Body"
Mobile entertainment took a huge leap forward with the release of MTV Networks International and Motorola's Head and Body, a first of its kind video series created specifically for mobile phones. But prior to the launch of these eight darkly comedic "mobisodes" (which followed the misadventures of a man whose head is detached from his body), Night Agency was recruited to generate buzz—without the benefit of traditional media buys. The solution was to create, a blog seemingly written by three medical students who are exploring the scientific plausibility of head-removal surgery on a chimp. "They documented their journey towards the surgery, marking all of their wacky preliminary research and tests through video and text blog entries," says Night Agency creative director Scott Cohn. "Their research led them to resources around the globe in search of supplies, so we developed sites in Spanish and Portuguese to corroborate our story, which can be seen at The sites were then circulated into the world of medical blogs, where by virtue of their absolute ludicrousness, they spread organically into non-science specific blogs and eventually to entertainment websites, where their authenticity was debated to no end. Once Head and Body officially premiered on mobile phones around the world, ultimately revealed it was MTVNI and Motorola's viral marketing campaign."
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