Oasys Mobile Dials Up Sex Appeal

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Oasys Mobile
Oasys Mobile "Pherotones"
Love is in the air...or maybe it's just the ringing of a Pherotone. Hard to tell the difference, thanks to McKinney's titillating viral effort. The campaign originally launched in January, creating a stir throughout the online community with the news that intimacy expert Dr. Myra Vanderhood had discovered special ringtones scientifically proven to incite intense sexual desire in anyone within earshot. A widely seen web video provided evidence of these alleged Pherotones in action, and the word continued to spread through posters, blog chatter and live Q&A events with Dr. Vanderhood herself. A month later, the Pherotones phenomenon was revealed to be an elaborate marketing campaign for mobile lifestyle portal Oasys Mobile. But those who continue to cling to the scientific potential of mobile mojo can still download their very own Pherotones at Pherotones.com and OasysMobile.com.
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