Panasonic Defuses Promiscuity in Rabbits

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Panasonic "Neuter Your Bunny"
What does the Panasonic Oxyride battery and rabbit neutering have in common? Other than a new online and word-of-mouth campaign by Renegade Marketing Group, absolutely nothing. Recognizing that long-lasting battery power doesn't make for an exciting creative brief, Panasonic decided to pair its Oxyride batteries with the humanitarian—rabbitarian?—cause of the House Rabbit Society, a nonprofit animal animal rescue organization dedicated to helping rabbits lead happier and longer lives free from the influence of their hormones. (The theme of rabbit castration might also carry a less-than-subtle dig at the furry pink mascot of a certain competitor in the battery arena.) The "Neuter Your Bunny" website boasts links and FAQs that explain the link between battery and bunny, and June 14's "Neuter Your Bunny Day" in New York City provided rabbit owners with a chance to fix their pets in person.
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