The PBA Teaches Lane Lessons

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PBA "Randys Bowling Clinic"
Randy Schroeder knows bowling. And to spread his knowledge to the gutter-bound masses, the snooty star of agency Creature's new TV campaign for the Denny's PBA Tour has opened up his own bowling clinic online, complete with instructional videos and illustrated diagrams. "The clinic site is an extension of the short lessons portrayed on the TV spots," says co-creative director Matt Peterson. "The strategy behind Randy's teachings is to educate people about the intricacies of the sport at a professional level—i.e. oil patterns, intimidation techniques, etc. We needed to find a way to talk about these topics, yet do it in an entertaining way."

Visitors to Randy's Bowling Clinic will certainly be entertained as they benefit from the wisdom and experience of the alleged former pro while learning the finer points of ball selection, follow-throughs and finishing moves. And once they've had enough of education, they can get to know Randy—as well as actual PBA pros like Tommy Jones and Wes Malott—on a more personal level via links to their MySpace profiles. "The MySpace pages were a perfect extension for a character-based concept like this," says Peterson. "It works to connect bowling-curious people with the established bowling community, opening the PBA to new—and much needed—younger fans."
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