Let's Play Paparazzi

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Whether we'll cop to it or not, most of us can't resist a little celebrity gossip or scandal, which makes Peerflix's "Paparazzi 2" advergame an ideal way to further indulge oneself. Conceived and executed by Boston agency Pod Design, "Paparazzi 2" is the sequel to last year's similar effort to promote Peerflix, a P2P DVD trading service that counts pop culture addicts as its core audience. "It's the same people that are reading TMZ, Perez Hilton and Gawker Stalker. This was tailor-made for the Gawker Stalker set," says Pod's creative director Steve Curran, referring to the infamous New York celebrity sightings section of the popular Gawker blog.

Instead of just being assigned to snap photos this time around, though, visitors are asked to shoot video (by holding down and moving the mouse) of thinly veiled celebs with names like "Lindsay Loclass" and "Smell Glibson." "In between levels, it plays back snippets of what you shot accurate to how you propped [the camera]," notes Curran. With five missions total, paparazzi wannabes get several chances to nab great footage, all the while having to duck and shield themselves from items like beer bottles, records and Crackberries. While it's hard to really sympathize with the plight of paparazzi, this gaming experience at least gives the average Joe a firsthand feel of what it's like-without having to go to the trouble of hiding in bushes.
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