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Levi's Sounds
Levi's Sounds
There's no doubt that Scandinavians have surfed the spectrum of popular music over the years, offering the world everything from Ace of Base to Abba to punk innovators Refused and black metal icons like Emperor. And if the list of bands vying for the winning spot in the Vice-endorsed "Levi's Sounds" competition is any indication, this trend of eclecticism will likely continue.

The homepage for this battle of the bands, a visually fetching destination in its own right mainly created by Norwegian agency Jimmy Royal, features all of the 120+ tracks submitted by artists scanning the entire Scandinavian region from Denmark to Iceland and styles ranging from electro to garage rock. Streaming videos of the handful of creative spots for the campaign can be viewed in this Flash-heavy environment, which is surrounded by a photo collage of instruments, amps and a faded snapshot of Knut Schriener from legendary Swedish death-punkers Turbonegro. Schriener in fact not only serves as one of the three judges of "Sounds," but will eventually produce the winning artist's album, which will be released via Universal Music and its Scandinavian subsidiary Nightliner. Other rewards for winning include a shoot with a Vice photographer, a Levi's Scandinavian promotion and a gig at Vice Scandinavia's 3-year anniversary blowout in Stockholm.

An email address and some nicely encoded MP3's will get artists into the fray, and even if your number isn't called, at least some Arctic exposure might be well worth it.
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