The science of slobber

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Milwaukee's Best Light - 'T Scan 2000'
Milwaukee's Best Light - 'T Scan 2000'
We've been licking our screen all afternoon and still can't figure out the insane new technologies behind the Barbarian Group's latest addition to the Milwaukee's Best Light microgames site. All we know is the T Scan 2000 Biometric Taste Analyzer knows us better than we know ourselves. Simply place your tongue on the screen and click the box to scan the science stuff in your mouth. It'll let you know if you have a man's taste and dispense the prescription: a cold beer. If it doesn't work the first time, fiddle with the settings a bit to adjust the Zone Recursivity or Moisture Threshold. If you've got a tough time keeping your tongue on the screen and finding the button to click, call a friend over. And for heavens sakes wipe the monitor before he or she has a turn.
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