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Toyota - 'Scion bB'
Toyota - 'Scion bB'
An 18-25 male-skewing campaign that thankfully avoids all the generic Maxim touchpoints, Scion's new broadband channel aims to promote maximum creative expression with minimal branding. Designed by Whittmanhart, the site is anchored by a host of licensed, imaginative, mostly underground content that ranges from Tim Burton-esque stop animation shorts to in-studio sessions with up-and-coming rappers to music-themed documentaries.

"There are a lot of artists and creative people out there with video who are not mainstream," explains Whittmanhart Los Angeles general manager Rebecca Coleman. "Their stuff's not on television or their movie hasn't been picked up yet. There are a lot of people like that that exist. So we thought it was in line with [Scion] to go out there, find that content that existed from people who are expressing themselves and whose creativity is in line with the brand and support those creative people by giving them a place to showcase their work."

The Whittmanhart folks scoured through approximately 5,000 hours of submissions and actively attended events to seek the best content for the Scion bB site, which is basically structured like a broadcast network with its array of programming. The agency not only partnered with Live 365 to launch its radio network "Scion 17," which features live streams of shows on several different stations, but it also features channels like "Skinny," which offers live content from notable artists like Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, Jazzy Jeff and Kruder & Dorfmeister.

If the channel proves one thing, it's not out of touch with cool culture, and Coleman hopes this fact resonates with Toyota-owned Scion's ideal target: the 21-year-old male. "The [site is] definitely about art. That's what the brand's about so we didn't want to just put something on for the sake of it being funny. The point of all of the stuff on there is that we really wanted to be in line with the brand and the brand is about supporting creativity and self-expression."

Whittmanhart plans to continually add new content along with implementing a send-to-a-friend function and other community-centric features. In a further attempt to unite current and potential Scion owners, the brand is also hosting an estimated 100 monthly off-line events to bring Scion nation that much closer.
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