Sharps Makes Shaving Painless

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Sharps "Barber Brigade"
The daily act of shaving needn't cause unnecessary pain nor consume unnecessary time—provided you call in the Barber Brigade, a line of shaving products offered by Sharps. To ensure that word of these products spread beyond those places marked by a candy-striped pole, the hygiene-obsessed company called on Seattle-based agency Wexley School for Girls to create a virtual barbershop stocked with everything a man needs to arrive at shaving nirvana. In addition to the main attractions—a message generator that sends a customizable taunt delivered by one of the well-groomed Sharpsmen, and an illustrated guide to "prepping" book—the site contains all sorts of fun interactive easter eggs, from a mounted bass that blows balloon animals to a pair of "giving antlers" that sprout random gifts.
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