Slim Jim Declares Open Season on Snapalope

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Slim Jim
Slim Jim "Snapalope Hunting Association of America"
Quick reflexes and a gnawing hunger won't suffice in the hunt for the elusive Snapalope. Only the wisdom imparted by the Snapalope Hunting Association of America—sponsored by Slim Jim, of course—can guarantee success in capturing that rare breed of spicy meat. The organization's official website—created by Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, of course—goes beyond the brief vignettes provided in the TV spots by collecting everything Snapalope hunters need to know into the comprehensive S.H.A.A. Hunting Guide. In addition to educating you about the creatures themselves, the guide boasts instructive features like decoy animations, hunter hand signals, examples of Snapalope calls and an interactive size comparison chart, all to help you snap into your very own Snapalope. Happy hunting.
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