The Smell-Good Symphony

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Mitchum - 'Armpit Orchestra'
Mitchum - 'Armpit Orchestra'
Classical music is known to do more than just tickle our audio fancy with its supple sounds. This ancient, lyricless art is hailed by scholars and scientists alike for its ability to make us smarter, helping our brains frolic and grow to their full potential. Which brings us to Mitchum's Armpit Orchestra. To promote its new Mitchum Smart Solid deodorant, Mitchum gathered some of the world's finest armpit musicians and created this site allowing users to play their favorite songs while learning the importance of dry, sweet-smelling pit action. There's a lesson section for learning how to play classics like "Take Me out to the Ball Game," "99 Bottles of Beer" and "Happy Birthday," and users can join the Armpit Orchestra by uploading a personal picture. For the good of your brain, check it out.
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