Soccer Stars Kick it in Bellbottoms

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NAB - 'Celebration Dance'
NAB - 'Celebration Dance'
From the Icky Shuffle on down to guys like Randy Moss, post-touchdown showboating has almost become a rite of passage in the NFL. But in the soccer arena, only recently have such extravagant displays of celebration after scoring existed. Sure, the announcer's decibel-shattering yell of "Goaaaaal!" and the scorer's running of the field feels somewhat exhilarating, but adding some moves to the occasion to really makes it stick in your opponent's craw.

National Australia Bank is now giving soccer fans a chance to dance online. To boast its sponsorship of the Quantas Socceroos and show its support for the team as it enters this month's Asian Games, the NAB enlisted Aussie digital agency Clemenger Blue to create a Flash game that simulates busting a move while basking in the glory of scoring. With "Celebration Dance," visitors get to choose one of four Socceroos--John Aloisi, Tim Cahill, Harry Kewell or Archie Thompson—and dictate the 3D-animated player's post-goal celebrations. As the player trots happily down the field, users must sync up falling arrow keys by clicking on whichever direction they appear in (i.e. up, down, left right). The more you sync up, the more likely you are going to witness your guy doing moves that would make John Travolta want to dust off his bellbottoms. Fail and the poor lad will just trip up, fall and ruin the moment.

Though the Saturday Night Fever inspiration might seem a bit outdated, it's still kitschy enough to work in this well-animated environment created by Blue, who also commissioned Digital Pictures for production handiwork. Now, if only Ronaldo and Ronaldinho were avid Bee Gees fans.
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