Sony PS3 Plays Above and B3yond

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Sony PS3
Sony PS3 "Play B3yond"
With gamers across the country in a mindless tizzy over the U.S. launch of Sony's highly anticipated (and highly priced) PlayStation 3 console, those who don't have a spare $600 to shell out can at the very least get a taste of the hype by checking out the teaser website created by Tequila/L.A. Befuddled visitors are confronted with a lonely PS3 console sitting in the middle of a completely white room—upon further exploration, a series of well-placed mouse clicks reveals a hidden code on the wall, written in a strange alphabet of symbols taken from the PS3's controller. Amateur cryptographers, hardcore programmers and aspiring hackers alike can crack the code tp unlock all sorts of goodies, including game trailers and developer interviews. Plus, the newest round of content updates on the site includes a series of videos offering behind-the-scenes explanations of the new console's newfangled technology.
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