Sprint Nextel Dials Up Torino

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Sprint Nextel
Sprint Nextel "Connect2Torino"
Couldn't afford a trip to the Italian Alps? Can't step away from the office to watch the Games in the middle of the afternoon? No problem—Sprint Nextel is offering Olympic fans a virtual ticket to Torino in the form of daily video reports on the U.S. skiing and snowboarding teams hosted by celebrity skier Jonny Moseley, available exclusively on Sprint cell phones and at the connect2torino.com website. Created by Tequila, the site also features a daily blog written by snowboarder Seth Wescott, a calendar of events, results and highlights, and special Olympic-themed downloads for Sprint phones. "The video diaries are a great way to bring ski enthusiasts closer to the sport they love, while demonstrating Sprint's video capabilities," explains associate creative director Chris Ferguson. "The new 'Yes You Can' campaign positions Sprint as a company that lets people do more because they've been given more choice, and the site delivers on that promise by giving people access to exclusive Winter Olympics content through their Sprint phones."

The online and mobile offerings serve as the interactive component of Sprint's overall push for the 2006 Winter Games, which also includes traditional elements like the TV spot "Crevasse" starring Moseley. Sprint's multi-pronged efforts are the latest example of the trend toward increasingly media-diverse campaigns on the part of marketers seeking exposure during major sporting events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl earlier this month (for which Sprint partnered with Burger King to make exclusive Whopperettes content available for the Sprint customers), as interactive continues to siphon a greater share of overall advertising budgets. "Everybody loves the Olympics because even though there are favored athletes, it's really the one athletic event in which anything can happen," says Ferguson. "In a way, the Olympics represent possibilities—which makes it the perfect place to showcase technology that makes things once thought impossible, possible."
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