Symantec Takes the Stage with World's First Adverband

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Symantec "RockDotRock"
Say goodbye to the time-honored tradition of big brands appropriating existing popular music for advertising campaigns. A new era of musical marketing is dawning—the era of the "adverband," a group of unabashed sellouts who create music for the sole purpose of shilling for a brand. The poster boys of this new era? RockDotRock, a blatantly Symantec-branded '80s-style hairband formed by Night Agency to sing the praises of Symantec's online security software. "For our first campaign for Symantec, we created a soundtrack to the movie Phished and featured it at, and were really excited at the amount of downloads," says Night Agency executive creative director Scott Cohn. "Based on the success of the music, we thought it would be fun to run a little further with the idea."

As the story goes, a massive audition of 20 different bands resulted in a fierce competition that left the five-man RockDotRock as the last band standing, and Symantec's newly crowned rock stars said hello to the world Monday night in a rockin' live performance in New York City. Images and video from the show can be found at the group's official fansite (, along with downloads of The Confidential E.P., the five-song debut album available only online. And given the fact that RockDotRock truly rocks—each band member is a legit musician, not an actor pretending to be a musician—Night Agency fully intends to promote them the same way any up-and-coming band would be promoted. "We're looking to distribute the music in as many different channels as possible, online and off," says Cohn. "We're looking for major radio play and in-store appearances, and our ultimate goal is to sell out a mid-sized venue in NYC. And yes, depending on our success at the above, we are prepared to orchestrate a nationwide tour. Only time will tell if any of this actually happens!"

And in case you're wondering, why an '80s hairband? "We consider them more a post-modern conglomeration of memorable musical sounds and styles," laughs Cohn. "If they skew '80s hairband, it's probably because we all grew up on that crap."
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