TBS Conducts Serious Study of What's Funny

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TBS "Humor Study"
How do you turn "very funny" into "even funnier"? Audience participation, of course. Enter the TBS Dept. of Humor Analysis' official website, the interactive component of Mother/N.Y.'s latest execution for the "Very Funny" campaign. The site is designed to provide a semi-scientific exploration of humor and its many iterations, with the central feature being a comprehensive humor survey that puts your funny quotient to the test. Guided by the very funny voice of John Cleese, visitors can also visit the department's humor lab, where they can watch all the TV spots and enjoy features expanding on the funniest gags from those spots. Highlights include a fully-interactive table of periodic laughter, a hands-on funny movie maker and a cut-out anthropomorphication worksheet for your office supplies.
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