Travelocity Roams for Gnome

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Travelocity "Gnome Watch"
Perhaps befitting his nomadic nature, the famed Travelocity Roaming Gnome has picked up and left for parts unknown. News of the disappearance broke first with a new TV spot from McKinney starring a rather unconvincing "replacement gnome," and continued with the launch of—the first ever branded use of the Yahoo! 360 webpage-builder application. Visitors to the MySpace-like website can get breaking news updates via fictional investigative reporter Mary O'Hara's blog, or help the worldwide effort to track the cheeky lawn ornament's movements by joining the Gnomewatchers community on Yahoo! Groups and posting their own stories and photos of personal Gnome sightings to the group's Flickr account. "We really want the entire campaign to be consumer driven," says McKinney management supervisor Erin Bredemann of the strategy to incorporate so many social networking elements and user-generated content. "We're helping to facilitate by updating content at least three times a week and making it as collaborative as possible. That means engaging the insider group that already loves the Roaming Gnome and getting new people to fall in love with him, as well."
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