Trident and AKQA gum up the works

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Trident - 'Factory'
Trident - 'Factory'
AKQA London's new effort for Trident takes users inside the wacky gum factory, where all sorts of strange experiments are conducted in the name of a pleasurable chew. It's not quite the normal trip, though, as the entire site is skinned like a DVD, which, for a second, made us think some sort of Slingbox/Joost/iTV SNAFU had us watching a movie. "The full screen video capability was essential to pull this off," says copywriter Colin Byrne "It's something of a first to have video of this length and quality served up at this size." Regardless of the technical data, it's a quirky little tour filled with fun writing and art direction. Bonus features, including a lobe test and a lesson on proper mastication techniques cap off the tomfoolery.
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