Verizon's Fast Action Hero

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Verizon - 'Action Hero'
Verizon - 'Action Hero'
Like the inevitability of a Triple Whopper once the Double Whopper made its debut, it was only a question of time before hi-tech 3D mapping came to the web. We've now seen hundreds of sites integrate 2D face images, allowing you to Elf Yourself or become a PaloozaHead but R/GA's bringing a new kind of heat with Action Hero, an initiative for Verizon touting the power of the provider's broadband network. After picking one of three basic action plots (killer bugs, mad scientist or robots on the loose) you get the opportunity to upload a photo of your own face, pinpoint the dimensions, and have it made into 3D. After the upload you direct the action, off the completed project goes—to a group of servers, where it runs through the modeling program Maya and, in under 24 hours, returns to you as a completed film. While in the past similar technologies have been used in video games, this appears to be the first time a dedicated, customizable 3D effort has appeared on the web in a promotional campaign, and Verizon doesn't seem reticent to flaunt it—the site took over MySpace for a day in its launch phase.
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