Verizon Thinks Outside the Beatbox

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Verizon "Beatbox Mixer"
Verizon wants you to march to a different beat: your own. And to help you do just that, they've banded together with R/GA and renowned beatbox musicians Rahzel (of The Roots), Click Tha Supah Latin, Masai Electro, Butterscotch and Max B. to bring you the Verizon Beatbox Mixer, an interactive video and music mixing tool that lets you whip up your own beatboxin' tracks. Think of it as a virtual recording studio that allows you to choose up to three beats—digitally recorded rhythms and sound effects created entirely by mouth—from the bevy of beats laid down by the five pro beatboxers, and blend them into a brand new piece of music that's entirely yours. The resulting track, complete with video of the beatbox stars doing their thing, can be saved on the website or sent to all your rhythmically challenged friends.
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