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Vodafone "The Vodafone Journey"
Who says corporate websites have to be mind-numbingly dull? Certainly not Vodafone Group, the global mobile communications giant that just unveiled an immersive online experience to introduce the company to consumers on a personal level. Following up on its award-winning "Future Vision" campaign for Vodafone in 2004, Swedish interactive agency North Kingdom designed the new experience, dubbed "The Vodafone Journey," as a video-heavy "guided tour" of the company. "We knew we wanted personal and direct storytelling to show the inner soul and heart of the huge company that Vodafone is," says creative director David Eriksson. "The ambition was to take the users by the hand and show them fragments from the world of Vodafone. We then made it possible to explore all these details and go deeper by themselves."

Led by the friendly spokeswoman Lucy, the tour runs about five minutes and spans a multitude of settings, including an airport, a snowy ski slope, a tropical beach and a hi-tech office building. As Lucy journeys from location to location, she interacts with various "characters" that represent real stories from within the Vodafone community. "We worked to find real people and real stories that we thought could represent the different parts of the company," says Eriksson. "It was very important that it feel authentic and genuine, and therefore we didn't use any actors, and we used local languages to tell the stories." In addition to Lucy's informative monologue, users can click on a handy "tell me more" symbol at any point to pause the tour and learn more about a particular topic.

The biggest technical challenge for North Kingdom? "Integrating the video that was shot in real HD and making it work without demanding too much performance of the users' computers," says Eriksson. "Another big challenge was the complex structure of the storytelling, and implementing seamless navigation within and between the different movie clips, since there is so much to experience and see. We employed focus groups to make sure we created something that the users could understand and navigate."
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