Volkswagen Features 120 Reasons to Love the Passat

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Volkswagen "Feature Films"
The "feature" in the term "feature film" took on a literal meeting in Arnold's ambitious campaign for the ambitious new Passat. The redesigned model boasts a slew of innovative features like steerable headlights and air-cooled gloveboxes—120 in all. Seeking to put these features center stage, the agency collaborated with artists, designers and creative studios like Brand New School, Curious Pictures and Brickyard VFX to create 120 20-second short films on VW's website, each film spotlighting a single feature in an informative and entertaining way. "Let's face it, advertising a car's features is not the most exciting or original idea," says Ron Lawner, chairman and chief creative officer of Arnold Worldwide Partners. "The challenge was to make it interesting. So we created 120 short films that function as metaphors for each unique feature of the car. Each film is made by a different artist and has its own style so as to create a standalone film. Some are stop motion animated like an old episode of Gumbi, while others are shot like epic—but brief—films. The end result is a wonderful collage of work that people can sort of snack on as they see fit."
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