Where in the World is Sindy?

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Altoids - 'Where's Sindy?'
Altoids - 'Where's Sindy?'
Now that it's embedded in public consciousness that Altoids is the "curiously strong mint," WDDG is aiding the brand in reconnecting with consumers with a site that's equally refreshing as it is nostalgic. Partnering with Google Earth, Altoids unveils a "Where's Waldo"-esque game called, yes, "Where's Sindy," an enticing treat that invites visitors to download the newest version of Earth and scour regions for the animated damsel. While the little puzzle awards winning contestants a trip to Sin City, aka Las Vegas, the Altoids site also offers a virtual, curated gallery of its history of advertisements and a handful of arcade games as well. The main draw might be finding Sindy, but the microsite, which WDDG set in a red, ornate template, offers several detours that are sure to occupy visitors and distill some interesting branding in the process.
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