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The hot stud as visual feast theme has been virtually untouched since Diet Coke's bare-chested Lucky Vanous, but now it's splendidly resurrected in this campaign for Archers malt beverage. "This one's for the ladies," go the spots, which flaunt men's ripped six-packs like beer ads do bouncy bosoms, via Bryan Buckley's appropriately over-the-top execution. In "Bar Man," an Adonis in a pub seduces the camera and flexes his sinewy bod through various states of undress and wetness. There's also "Great Guy," in which another hunk's clothes get ripped off as he saves a kitten in a tree, and then, clad in mere tidy-whities, he slams onto the asphalt to protect a stray lamb from an oncoming bus. Next up, the Swedish Speedo Team! Thank you, Mother, for bringing this oily-muscled equilibrium to advertising's babe-ogling universe.

Agency: Mother/London CD: Mark Waites CWs: Kim Gehrig, Caroline Pay AD: Gualter Pupo Agency Producer: Janine Levy Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man DP: Scott Hendrickson EP: Steve Orent Editor: Lisa Gunning/Whitehouse Effects: Paul Bayliss, Mark Stannard Sound Design/Music: Scramblen Sound, London

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