CAMPAIGN: Miller High Life

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As other brewers assume all manner of unbecoming poses in efforts to get with the cool kids, the Miller High Life campaign keeps on keeping its pants on and is, as a result, cooler than just about any work out there. Building on the splendid legacy built by Wieden and Errol Morris, these spots manage to update the High Life oeuvre without wrecking its essential charm. "Flamz" produces possibly one of the best lines of copy this year, as the salty Highlife man watches a rube unloading fake firelogs from his truck, and Doug Jeffers' classic voiceover weighs in with the question: "America, is that really you?"

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy/Portland CW: Brant Mau AD: Jeff Williams CDs: Susan Hoffman, Roger Camp Producer: Jeff Selis Director: Errol Morris/@ Editor: Angus Wall/Rock Paper Scissors

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