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A uniquely introverted approach to the racing category, the NASCAR "Driver's Mind" campaign attempts to literally get inside the driver's head, coupling crackly VO's of racers' self-motivating statements ("Today I am the 12 car" and "In the end, the only thing that matters is black and white") with some dazzling, speed-blurred footage, captured by director Peter Thwaites. "Lots of NASCAR spots have racing footage in them, as do various ads from NASCAR sponsors, so our major goal here was to show racing as it had never been seen before," explains writer Dave Loew about the thinking behind the campaign. "Peter talked about how he wanted to accentuate the speed and intensity of the driving experience, and how he would interpret that visually," adds art director Jon Wyville. "It was kind of like an art school project-we took cameras and messed up their gears, so the film would be damaged or distorted as it passed through the camera." With all the cloudy visuals, however, just don't mistake it for a drunk-driving PSA.

Agency: Young & Rubicam/Chicago ECD: Mark Figliulo CW: Dave Loew AD: Jon Wyville Agency Producer: Matt Bijarchi Director: Peter Thwaites/Gorgeous Enterprises, London/Anonymous Content DP: Stuart Graham Editor: Lisa Gunning/ Whitehouse, London Sound Design: Human/NY

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