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Is this football we're watching? Intelligent, mind-tingling ideas are hard to come by in this arena saturated with testosterone and cheerleadin' T&A, but this slew of NFL playoff promos, one of which caged a Silver Lion, layers brains with the brawn. The vibrant, cinematic spots impart a mythic quality to otherwise commonplace terms like "Crazy" and names like "Joe" when the wisely cast Don Cheadle fervently reinterprets them through the lens of football history, via some of the most entertaining and original lines we've heard all year: "Crazy knits a sweater for a hamster. Crazy spends ten minutes yelling at a plant for not growing." Y&R CD David Skinner explained to Creativity, "Football has become such a powerful thing that it changes the way people think and do things. It might seem hyperbolic to take the name Joe and say football made it 'Joe,' but not really. There are people who think that. They're so passionate about the game, and it's immediately identifiable to the fans." True dat. These make dedicated followers proud to be so, while inspiring lackadaisical sideliners to get their asses back in the game.

Agency: Y&R/NY ECD: Jim Ferguson CD: Taras Wayner CD/CW: Darren Wright CD/AD: David Skinner Agency EP: Charlie Capuano Directors: Phil Tuckett ("Crazy"), Lara Shapiro ("Joe," "Impossible," etc.)/NFL Films DPs: Scott Henderson, Steve Andrich Editors: Jeff Hillegass, Charlie Askew/NFL Films

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