Miller "Dominoes" and "Epidemic"

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This latest round of spots for Miller moved our minds out of our crotches thanks to Y&R/Chicago's foray for the client. And hey, they're still fun! The first is a Nike "Tag"- reminiscent game of human dominoes, deftly maneuvered by Fredrik Bond, and the next, via Traktor, imagines a sci-fi'd out scenario, doomsday music and all, in which pub dwellers guzzling light brew realize, "I can't taste my beer!" That is, everyone except Miller Lite drinkers. "The strategic goal behind 'Dominoes' was to let people know they have a choice in which beer they drink," notes CD/CW Dave Loew. "Mass market brands often seem as though they have no difference between them, particularly in categories like beer and soft drinks. But we think there is a difference and we wanted to create a message that would force viewers to reconsider what they thought about the brand." Adds CD/AD John Wyville, "It also helped set the table for the more product-focused ads to follow, like 'Epidemic,' and supports the goal of having people reassess the brand."

Agency: Y&R/Chicago ECD: Mark Figliulo CD/CW: Dave Loew CD/AD: John Wyville Head of Production: Matt Bijarchi ("Dominoes") Agency Producer: Lee Goldberg Director: Fredrik Bond/MJZ DP: Carls Nilsson Line Producer: Helen Williams Editor: Richard Orrick/Whitehouse Effects: The Mill/NY Sound Design: Human Music: Mutato Muzika Song: "Freedom of Choice"/Devo ("Epidemic") CW: Tim Cawley AD: Mollie Wilkie Agency Producer: Brian Smego Director: Traktor/Partizan DP: Adam Kimmel Producer: Jim Bouvet Editor: Russell Icke/Whitehouse Effects: Method Sound: Play/Santa Monica Music: Human/NY

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