Starburst "Baby"

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A follow-up to 2002's hilarious "Prom" spot in which a guy chews a sour Starburst and his face scrunches up just at the moment his date tries to impress him with her graceful descent down the staircase, effectively and egregiously insulting both her and her entire family. It doesn't matter that this latest "Use Responsibly" installment is mostly in Chinese and has no subtitles. It too drives home its puckery point, when a young Chinese man sucking on one of the tart sweets grimaces just as he first encounters a newborn addition to his extended family, who, as a result, immediately bursts into tears.

Agency: Grey Worldwide CD: Rob Baiocco CWs: Brian Lefkowitz, Sean Burns, Aaron Royer ADs: Brian Lefkowitz, Sean Burns, Aaron Royer Agency Producer: Aaron Royer Director: Kinka Usher/House of Usher DP: Mark Plummer Editor: Dave Koza/Mackenzie Cutler

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