Museum Of Sex

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For New York's recently opened Museum of Sex, ironically enough, sex couldn't be used to sell sex. So Lowe/New York resorted to some seemingly innocuous black and white photographs. With ads designed for phone kiosks, "we had a product we couldn't show in a public forum," says Lowe CD Lisa Rettig-Falcone, who is also the writer and the photographer on the campaign. "The work had to be acceptable on the street where children would be walking, yet it had to be provocative enough to interest adults. And funny wouldn't hurt either." Tiny type clarifies the naughty intent. Here, the pylons are tagged "Gallery 2: Fetish Wear."An ad showing a Siamese hose connection is "Gallery 2: She Males."

Agency: Lowe/New York CCO: Gary Goldsmith ECD: Dean Hacohen CD/AD: Earl Cavanah CD/CW/Photographer: Lisa Rettig-Falcone

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