Napster Relaunch

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Napster's return as a pay service was boosted by San Francisco's Venables Bell & Partners with a big tease: a teaser microsite,, teaser outdoor, including a three-stage cat head on L.A.'s Sunset Strip, and a round of ads that were "complete teasers for the 'influencer' music consumer," says CD Paul Venables. "The idea is to tease, period. Not as part of the bigger campaign, not as a glimpse of what's to come. That, we feel, would be too perfect a communication, therefore too corporate." There was also a spate of major-city wild postings in which "fake, sarcastically cheesy ads were posted, then we slapped kitty head stickers over somebody's face in the ad, with comical results," adds Venables. "The fact that the stickers were a separate element and that they looked like guerrilla Xeroxes - not perfect, colorful logos - was key."

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners CDs: Paul Venables, Greg Bell ADs: Crystal English, Ray Andrade CWs: Quentin Shuldiner, Kevin Frank, Matt Rivitz Animation Director/Illustration: Ian Kovalik/Mekanism Illustration/Design: Geoff McFetridge Music: Elias Arts Sound Design: Elias Arts, Ripe Sound Editor: Robbie Proctor/Phoenix Editorial

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