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Why Doritos Always Has a Backup Plan for Crash the Super Bowl

Watch Ann Mukherjee Talk About the Company's Annual Program

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For the last nine years, Doritos has invited anyone and everyone to create an ad and "Crash the Super Bowl."

The contest has garnered millions of responses over the years, and the Frito Lay brand has dangled all kinds of prizes -- the chance to work on the fourth "Transformers" movie, trips to the big game and plenty of cold, hard cash. The winners of the contest have gone on to start production companies, create board games and work on major movies. For the 2015 contest, the winner is being promised a "dream job" at Universal Pictures.

Ann Mukherjee
Ann Mukherjee

"You're talking about people who were looking for that opportunity to create the next big things in their lives, and Doritos gave them that opportunity," said Ann Mukherjee, senior VP-CMO for Frito Lay North America. A 2013 winner was supposed to work with the "Transformers" movie for a couple of days, she recalled. "Michael Bay loved him so much he took him to Hong Kong with him," she said. Now the winner is working with Mr. Bay on other projects.

The contest has been hugely successful for the brand, generating engagement and increasing sales. But Ms. Mukherjee says the day could come when "Crash the Super Bowl" ceases to make sense for the brand.

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