Apple Omits Same-Sex Couple From International Versions of Mother's Day Ad

Is Brand Being Selectively Inclusive?

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Historically, Apple hasn't been shy about its inclusivity and support of LGBT rights. Most recently, on Mother's Day, it debuted an ad featuring a same-sex couple. But the company has come under fire recently for being selective about where it's preaching support for gay rights. The Guardian and 9to5 Mac recently reported that new cuts of the brand's Mother's Day ad without the same-sex couple appeared in France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and South Korea.

The U.S. version (below) featured same-sex couple Melanie and Vanessa lying in bed with their two babies, while another international edit (above) subbed in just a shot of Melanie with one child.

Apple declined comment on the other edits of the ad.

It's a strange move, given how global local ads can go in a heartbeat. Moreover, the company has long been known to be a staunch supporter of gay rights. CEO Tim Cook is the first openly gay CEO in the Fortune 500, and the company threw its support behind the LGBT Equality Act of 2015. Back in 2014, Apple and many of its employees partook in San Francisco Pride, posting a video on YouTube and even bringing the rainbow-color scheme back to its logo in a fresh way.

Apple has altered its ads for other markets before. For example, the brand tweaked its "Date" ad for the Apple Watch in Japan and removed the tattoos off one of its stars -- tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Presumably, the company was being careful around the country's stigma toward tats, long associated with Yakuza, amongst other things.

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